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AMP for e-commerce is still a hot topic for SEO and e-commerce. There are still a many questions, but the most heard question is: Is AMP is interesting for e-commerce?

AMP makes mobile webshops load faster, which is essential for a good user experience. This experience is very important, since:

- The chance is 50 percent that a consumer will come into contact with your brand via mobile for the first time
- Mobile users are extra sensitive to load times, so they can click away faster if a page loads too long
- Mobile pages that load 1 second faster and increase by 27 percent in conversion rate

In addition, page speed is currently a ranking factor for Google, and it is expected that mobile loading times will soon be leading with the mobile-first index.

In short: mobile charging time has a direct impact on traffic and conversions!

Is AMP interesting for e-commerce ?

We at StoreCore think that AMP is here to stay. That's wy we developed StoreCore completely in AMP.
The AMPproject says:  "With instant page load, your customers can find the products they want quickly and easily. Platforms such as Google, Pinterest, Bing, and Twitter all link to AMP pages, creating a supercharged discovery experience for your users. This improved user experience often translates into better engagement and conversions."

AMP is:
- Create fast, user-friendly e-commerce experiences
- Maintain flexibility and control
- Maximize sales

So AMP is definitely a good solution for e-commerce, if implemented correctly. Sure, it is still limited to some core features but the first thing you need to do is sell your stuff, and that does StoreCore and we do it fast!

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