Speed is important for e-commerce

and for us.

Ecoommerce speed

Google has announced that speed will become a ranking factor for mobile searches. We here at StoreCore thinks that it's a good idea. We are always focused on speed to bring you and your customers the best experience on mobile. Now that more and more people are surfing the internet on mobile, the speed for webshops is a big issue.

Google speed update
Google calls it the "Speed update" and will only affect the slowest pages of your store. The update goes live in July 2018. If you already have a StoreCore shop you don't need to worry, we have you covered.

According to Google on this question by SEL:
What if the site has AMP URLs but the canonical URLs are super slow? How does a site with AMP get impacted by this?  Google: "If a page built with AMP provides a slow experience to users, it may also rank lower in the results."

Of course we had to check the different speed metrics of StoreCore and other e-commerce platforms. We will share them as soon as possible.