Ecommerce in the palm of your hand

Tired of broken software updates or a slow webshop? Keep on reading! We introduce to you StoreCore: the first open-source, fully mobile ecommerce platform built by and for online retailers. We are building not only an extremely fast ecommerce platform (loads pages in less than a second), but we also put mobile first — everywhere and anywhere. Yes, from now on you can simply run your online store from the palm of your hand.

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Key feature highlights

smartphone Mobile first

Why not start with mobile? Everyone is using their smartphones today for almost every­thing. Now you can use your mobile phone to run your business. Anyplace, anytime, and anywhere.

whatshot High performance

We are doing everything to set our goals and standards high. Performance is one of the main goals: your StoreCore webshop will be among the fastest sites in your industry. StoreCore has a native full-page cache and supports Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

security Security by design

StoreCore is built with security in mind. Store­Core is PCI DSS compliant and includes security features like whitelists, blacklists, and military-grade password encryption. To emphasize our dedication to security, all StoreCore hosting plans include a free SSL certificate.

shopping_cart Dedicated to commerce

StoreCore is not some overgrown blog tool or yet another CMS. It’s a dedicated ecom­merce platform. Built by, for, and with expe­ri­enced ecommerce and retail pro­fes­sion­als.

business Multi-store support

StoreCore allows you to run hundreds of dif­fer­ent webshops selling millions of prod­ucts. StoreCore supports all world cur­ren­cies, international shipping, and multiple languages. Currently English, French, German, and Dutch are fully supported.

eco Evergreen

Just like modern web browsers, StoreCore is an evergreen software framework: security patches and other software updates are downloaded and installed automatically.

widgets Scalable

StoreCore is an open-source software framework for building webshops and online storefronts as well as ecommerce and online retail apps. StoreCore has a REST API and can be used for headless commerce.

free_breakfast Freedom

No more vendor lock-ins! StoreCore is free and open-source software (FOSS), published under version 3 of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3). There is no proprietary or hidden software code: all open-source code is fully accessible and adjustable. And what’s more: all your business data is yours. Of course.